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Trends and Recipes

The national ACF website presents numerous articles on Trends in the industry and maintains a database of Recipes. Go to the We Are Chefs website, the ACF’s brand-new digital content hub. It houses the new and improved ACF blog, delivering timely industry news, and content produced by member chefs, as well as the brand-new Sizzle and digital articles from the pages of the National Culinary Review. Recipes can be found at the ACF Recipes page  


The annual What's Hot list gives a peak into which food, beverages and culinary concepts will be the new items on restaurant menus that everyone is talking about in 2020. 

Japanese Street Food

How to make a katsu sando, the Japanese street food staple taking the U.S. by storm. 
-- Amelia Levin, Sizzle

Fishy Charcuterie

How some chefs are upping their charcuterie game with seafood.
-- Suzanne Hall, The National Culinary Review, October 2019

Cannibis, Anyone?

How chefs are using the cannabis trend in responsible and inventive new ways.
-- Rob Benes, We Are Chefs website

Brew Me a Cold One

Cold Brew Coffee: How it’s made, where to get it and how to drink it.
-- Suzanne Hall, Sizzle


Buffalo Chicken Confit
--Aaron Bremer, CEC, ACF website

Salmon Roulade with Crab Stuffing
--Chef Lance Cook, CEC, CCA, The National Culinary Review, Sept 2019

Pork Rinds, Chicharrones
--Gerald Ford, CMC, Ford Plantation, The National Culinary Review, July 2019

For more recipes, go to the ACF Recipes page.