Auxiliary Organizations

ACF Education Foundation

The American Culinary Federation Education Foundation, with the support of the American Academy of Chefs (AAC), offers educational scholarships to high school students, college students, and professional chefs looking to further their education or gain certification, and to student culinary teams competing at ACF regional and national conferences.

Our local Education Foundation is the 501 (3c) tax-deductible arm of our chapter, to which funds from our fund-raising activities are directed. It has its own president and Board of Directors. The current president is Robert Colosimo, CEC, CCA, AAC.

The Education Foundation awards scholarships to professional and student chapter members, funds portions of the chapter's educational activities, such as Chef and Child, helps fund individual competitors and competition teams with expenses when going to regional, national, and international competitions.

For further information, contact Bob Colosimo at:

St. Louis Chefs de Cuisine Education Foundation
PO Box 510301
St. Louis, MO 63151

Chef & Child

Interested in helping out at any of our events? Want to give back to this amazing cause? Please contact Margaret Grant, [email protected], for more information

The purpose of Chef and Child is to educate and assist the family in understanding proper nutrition. All children need to learn how to cook and how to choose healthy foods. With many children living in homes with a single parent or with both parents working, children are cooking for their little brothers and sisters, and even for themselves and their parents.

In this program, local chefs, bring their knowledge of food and nutrition to schools in the community. They will introduce children to foods they might not come in contact with in their daily lives. Children in the St. Louis area are so separated from food sources that they don’t know where food originates and don’t even know food in their whole form. For example, children think milk comes in a box, not from a cow.

This year the St Louis Chef de Cuisine Chef and Child program has reached 3800 preschool and elementary children in 22 programs. We have made presentations to 42 groups to introduce our nutrition curriculum.

Cultivating Young Cooks, held annually at the Missouri Botanical Garden offers parents, children and teachers an opportunity to taste healthy nutritious foods prepared by ACF chefs, to sample healthy snacks and to participate in hands on activities that include, milking a goat, making mozzarella cheese and to taste the high protein smacks made from bugs. This year’s event was attended by 2500 people.


SH Villa
Father Daughter cooking class and dinner
Weekly classes

St Josephs
Prototype Curriculum: Food from around the World, 1st – 3rd grade
Weekly classes

Kennard CJA
Cooking from the Garden: Tasting and Playing with Vegetables

City Garden Montessori
Sixteen week program with middle school children

American Heart Association partnership
Introducing Healthy cooking techniques to parents and showing children how to make healthy food choices

Gateway Greening Urban Garden
Cooking Demonstration and Nutrition from the garden

Missouri Botanical Garden
Cultivating Young Cooks at Missouri Botanical Garden

St Louis Archdiocese
Introducing Healthy food and nutritional choices to select diocesan schools

National ACF EF Chef & Child Mission Statement

The mission of ACF EF’s Chef & Child initiative is to educate children and families in understanding proper nutrition by providing tools and resources for community-based programs led by American Culinary Federation chef members. To learn more, go to Chef & Child

American Academy of Chefs®

The honor society of ACF, the American Academy of Chefs (A.A.C.) represents the highest standards of professionalism in the organization, society and industry. The Academy’s primary mission is to promote the education of all culinarians by mentoring culinarians, awarding scholarships to students seeking a future in the culinary industry, and by providing grants to professional working chefs looking to further their career. Learn more about the A.A.C.

Wolfgang A. Bierer, C.M.P.C., A.A.C.
John E. Bogacki, C.E.C., C.C.E., A.A.C.
Salvatore Carcagno, A.A.C.*
Dubois TC Chen, A.A.C.*
Robert Colosimo, C.E.C., C.C.A., A.A.C.
Buel Day, C.E.C., A.A.C.*
Chris Desens, C.E.C., C.C.A., A.A.C.
?? George W. Dyhouse, C.E.C., A.A.C.
Thomas R. Elkin, C.E.C., A.A.C.*
Andre Gotti, C.E.C., A.A.C.*
Anthony Haacke, C.E.C., A.A.C.
Brian Hardy, C.E.C., C.C.A., A.A.C.
Robert B. Hertel, C.E.C., C.C.E., A.A.C., F.M.P
Edwin Keller, A.A.C.*
George Killius, A.A.C.*
Lynn Krause, A.A.C.
Helmut Loible, A.A.C.
?? Ernest G. Louis, C.E.C., A.A.C.*
Edgar Mason, C.E.C., A.A.C.*
Aidan P. Murphy, C.M.C., A.A.C.
Christy Schlafly, A.A.C. (honorary)
Casey Shiller, CEPC, C.C.E., A.A.C.
Oliver H. Sommer, C.E.C., A.A.C., H.O.F.*
Kevin Storm, C.E.C., C.C.A., A.A.C.
Jan G. Verdonkschot, C.E.C., A.A.C., H.O.F.*
Wolfgang von Dressler, A.A.C.
Manfred P. Zettle, C.E.C., A.A.C.

* deceased