Public Announcements

ACF Membership Renewals during Coronavirus Pandemic

Apr. 1, 2020

A note from the national ACF office:

ACF members are facing difficult and uncertain financial futures, due to the disruption of life as we know it… the potential reduction in forces, furloughs and/or closures of businesses, etc. One of the ways we can assist you, is with your membership renewals. Therefore, beginning March 30, 2020, and throughout the next six months, should you not be able to renew your membership, please call Membership at the ACF National Office, or email [email protected], so we can make arrangements for you. Once approved, your membership will extend for this interim period, with your commitment to renew once able to do so. We will review this after six months, to determine any further need to extend.

We want you to remain in the ACF community during these times.

Note: If you are able to renew your membership, we kindly ask you to when your membership is due. We want you to remain in the community during these times.