Welcome to our new Website

Posted by [email protected] on 01/02/2020 12:00 am  /   General Info

Welcome to our New Website

We hope you like our new website. It has been undergoing development for the past 2 months. While most of the functionality of the site is same as our old website, it has a few features that should make it better for communicating with our membership.

What's New

We will be making much more extensive use of Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) to communicate with our members. So while we will still use email for many announcements, Facebook and Twitter gives us the ability to more quickly and efficiently communicate to those who use those tools more than email.

Members and guests can now directly post job postings and classified ads on the website, which when "approved" by the webmaster, are posted for all to see. Of course, job posting can still be sent to the webmaster directly via email, who will then write it up and post it.

Our new website runs on a different "back-end" platform which allows for far better management of our membership roster. This makes it much easier for us to keep our membership roster in sync with our official ACF roster. Thus, as new members join and existing members renew or change contact information at the national ACF level, those changes are easily reflected on our own website.

What's the Same

This website will still be the main repository for news, the listing of upcoming events, and event information and registration. Job Postings and Classified Ads are readily accessible, access to commonly requested ACF resources, and the listing of our very important Chapter Partners and Associates. Pertinent documents and forms are available in the document library, and (on the back-end) is our membership database.

Questions and Comments

If you have any questions or comments, please contact our webmaster at [email protected]. We would love to hear from you.