Acero Ristorante

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7266 Manchester Road
Maplewood, MO 63143

Each month we will feature a restaurant or industry related business that is specifically local to the St. Louis and surrounding areas and why we Love them! This month we want to introduce you to Acero (pronounced A-CHAIR-RO).

What makes Acero unique is its take on authentic Italian cuisine. Here in Missouri, especially in St. Louis, we are accustomed to our own version of Italian food and know that there is no better place to go than to The Hill. But, drive a bit west of that area and you will find a charming little store-front restaurant right off Manchester Road in the heart of downtown Maplewood. Chef/Owner Jim Fiala’s love for Italy and its culture was his driving force to create a restaurant that tears you away from the normality of, as he describes it, turn-and-burn rushing of diners and instead settles you into an atmosphere of people serving people.

Why we like it: The simplistic use of good, locally-sourced ingredients with a menu that accommodate what’s in season. The homage it pays to the creation of traditional Italian cuisine, and the genuine hospitality of the staff.

Why you should try it: Being around for 13 years, Acero has somewhat remained under the radar. But if you’re really looking for that authentic Italian take on farm-to-table ingredients that won’t break the bank, than you really ought to try it for yourself.

Our recommendation: First off, the whole place is splendid so you can’t go wrong wherever you sit, but I recommend sitting at the bar (especially if Manager and Chef Adam Gnau is behind the bar). You get excited before the meal even gets there from Adam’s all around enthusiasm for both the food and drink. Also, if you’ve read anything about Acero on their web page, you know the Egg Ravioli is a must!

Want to check them out for yourself? You can find out more info at You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram @acerostl. Or stop in and try them out for yourself.

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