ACF Certification
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The Chefs de Cuisine Association of St. Louis, Inc. focuses on assisting culinary students, professional cooks and chefs in culinary education and certification.

The national ACF authorizes 16 different certifications. Certifications consist of a written exam and a practical exam. Our Chefs de Cuisine chapter offers opportunities twice a year - once in the spring, usually March, and again in the Fall, usually late August or September.

Check our EVENTS page for when the next Certification opportunity is scheduled.

Estimated cost depends on your chosen certification level. Some additional variable costs include practical exam host site fee, educational coursework, and cost of food for the practical exam and practice sessions. For more information on written exam sites and practical handbooks, click the links below.

Go to the national ACF website Certifications Page for more information

ACF Certifications


  • Certified Fundamentals Cook® (CFC®)
  • Certified Culinarian® (CC®)
  • Certified Sous Chef® (CSC®)
  • Certified Chef de Cuisine® (CCC®)
  • Certified Executive Chef® (CEC®)
  • Certified Master Chef® (CMC®)


  • Certified Fundamentals Pastry Cook™ (CFPC™)
  • Certified Pastry Culinarian® (CPC®)
  • Certified Working Pastry Chef® (CWPC®)
  • Certified Executive Pastry Chef® (CEPC®)
  • Certified Master Pastry Chef® (CMPC®)



  • Personal Certified Chef™ (PCC™)
  • Personal Certified Executive Chef™ (PCEC™)


  • Certified Culinary Administrator® (CCA®)


  • Certified Secondary Culinary Educator® (CSCE®)
  • Certified Culinary Educator® (CCE®)


Learn about the written exam process, where the exam is given, and review optional study tools.


Plan for your practical exam by locating a site, registering and reviewing preparation guidelines.



Review the recertification process and track your continuing education hours.


Discover continuing education opportunitiesnear you or online. ACF offers a great Online Learning Center, a resource for professional development courses.