Junior Members

Junior Members are ACF members in the Culinarian, Student Culinarian, or Junior Culinarian categories. In addition to being able to participate in most local chapter activities, they have activities all their own.

They elect their own Junior Officers each year. They often schedule their own special events - a tour at a local purveyor's establishment or gather together for an evening meal at a local restaurant or pub. Sometimes, they meet 30 minutes prior to any local chapter educational meetings or general meetings to conduct business of their own.

Junior members are actively involved in all of the chapters events and dinners. The opportunity for networking with the industry's top professionals at a fund-raising event, dinner meeting, or educational event is a priceless experience. Junior members can compete individually at our spring and fall student culinary salons. In addition, the can apply to participate on two competitive teams - a culinary Knowledge Bowl team (open to all members, junior and professional) and a Junior Culinary (Hot Foods) team that competes against other junior teams at the national ACF convention.

Junior Chef of The Year

The ACF Junior Chef of the Year award recognizes an up-and-coming junior who
possesses a high degree of professionalism, culinary skills, and passion for the culinary arts.

Every year, the chapter hosts a a special competition in the fall among two of our worthy junior members. The winner of the competition is awarded our Junior Chef of the Year award and attends our annual Chefs of the Year dinner gala.

A nomination should focus on a student who is a capable cook with a good skill level and a focus on solid cooking fundamentals, based on a classical foundation. The successful candidate must be a Chefs de Cuisine Junior Member, in good standing for at least six months by application deadline. Self-nominations are encouraged.

Junior Chef of the Year Application

Baron H. Galand Culinary Knowledge Bowl

Showcase your culinary knowledge by becoming a member of the next national championship team in the Baron H. Galand Culinary Knowledge Bowl. The competition is open to teams from ACF chapters, ACF apprenticeship programs and accredited American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission (ACFEFAC) institutions. Teams compete in a "Jeopardy"-style double-elimination competition with questions covering topics such as nutrition, baking, culinary math, safety and sanitation, and the arts of classical and modern cooking.

NEW to 2020
Knowledge Bowl Teams are open to Professional members.

That's right - starting in 2020, professional chefs can be members of the team, not only students. Teams will no longer compete at regional conferences, only at the national conference. All teams must pass a written pre-qualifying test taken at during the national conference. Teams must score at least 60% on this test, and then ONLY the top 6 scoring teams from the pre-qualifying test will be selected to go forward to the actual face-to-face competition. Teams will still compete face-to-face - initially against other teams in their region, if any, and the winners go on to the finals.

Cost of registering a team is $350, but $100 is “refunded” if the teams does not place in the top 6 and is applied to the following year’s application.

Deadline for submitting a team to compete is March 30, 2020.





Student Culinary (Hot Food) Team

Most every year, our chapter fields a local "Junior Hot Food" team, comprised of 5 or 6 up-and-coming chefs and culinary students. The team competes against regional junior culinary teams during the national ACF Conference for the opportunity to win the ACF Junior Culinary Team of the Year.

Team tryouts are held every year in August or September. Stay tuned for upcoming information and dates.

Should you have any questions, please contact team coach Chef Scott Scheible at 314-993-0161.