Chefs Table Open Forum

Chef's Table Open Forum

This forum is an open discussion group for only ACF Chefs de Cuisine of St. Louis members, and is a subsection of the larger national ACF Chef's Table Open Forum. Access to the Forum requires logging into the national ACF website with your ACF Member ID and password. 

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This discussion group operates like most discussion groups - members can post and reply to posts. Posts are organized in user-created "threads" that allow for differentiation of subjects. Summaries of all postings are e-mailed daily to members; though you can go into the Forum Settings and turn off those mailings if you find them bothersome. If you turn off the daily summaries, you can still subscribe to specific threads and be notified of postings solely in that thread.

The purpose of this Forum is somewhat different than more open platforms like Facebook, which is open to most anyone. It is intended for our member's questions, concerns and and comments more specifically related to our chapter and our members. So, a post may be about how to successfully job hunt, asking for contact information, etc. You also have access to the larger national ACF Open Forum, which has a much larger audience, to ask similar questions. Recent questions on the national Forum include:

  • Do seasoned chef's need a mentor?
  • USDA Guidelines ??
  • Help with a class project re: professional development


Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. The ability to segregate posts into discussion threads is a major advantage of our Forum, as well as to participate in the national ACF's Forum with a much larger (but restricted to ACF members) audience, whereas Facebook provides for distribution to a much larger general audience with more generic information.

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